Flexible Benefit Plan


The Flexible Benefit© is not a typical cafeteria plan. You will customize it to fit your business.

Thousands  of employees have experienced an increase in take home pay because of  the tax savings.  Our product is priced so that even the smallest  business can afford to offer the plan. Employers all across the United  States know that you don't have to pay expensive administration fees  when you use The Flexible Benefit.

  • First Year Cost: $775.00 *
  • Annual Update Service Agreement: $275.00 *
  • Your actual out of pocket cost is reduced by FICA savings. As an employer you save 7.65% on every employee dollar in the plan.
  • Discounts are available to Christian organizations, multiple business owners, and private schools.

What will you need?

  • You will need a legal document and a way to customize that document to fit your business.
  • You will also need an effective administration system and a resource to call for answers to your questions.

Your  Kit includes the Documents, an Administration System, Instructions,  Adoption Agreement, Employee Meeting Video and an 800 Customer Support  line.

What can be included in the employee's reductions?

Employers  can allow their employees to pay for a wide variety of expenses with  pre-tax money. These expenses fall into three categories. They are Group  & Individual Insurance Premiums, Medical/Health maintenance  expenses and Dependent Day Care expenses.

Some of  the items you can allow include, but are not limited to; employer  sponsored group health premium, individual health, disability,  indemnity, accident or cancer premium. In addition you can allow all  medical, dental, vision or chiropractic expenses not reimbursed by  insurance or any other source. Plus, you can also include qualified  costs for day care if the day care is necessary for the parents to go to  work.